Monday, November 15, 2010

Spending and Saving

Waiting for Superman advertises its documentarian self on many websites I visit.

"A powerful and alarming documentary about America's failing public school system," according to the NYT Movie Review

As a life long educator, I was eager to see it. If you are a parent, feeling dismayed about your local schools, please don't see this movie. Volunteer in your schools instead.

While the stories of four wonderful, endearing primary school students are touching, real, and sad, the movie itself blames teacher unions and teachers themselves for.......pretty much everything. That view may confirm what a lot of people believe, but don't accept it as anything more than one more nail in the coffin of public schools, awaiting the bodies of the discouraged teachers who care.

Read the following, then consider the subtle and not so subtle misdirection and phony numbers used in the film: The convert from the NCLB charter school voucher system bandwagon article

It makes me very happy when people who are committed to holding one strong opinion, change their mind.

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